The R&D center of Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited is located in Kanchanaburi province separated from other subsidiaries. The main focus of our laboratory here is on animal feed research. The R&D components are very important to our business as they are critical factors for market share values. Moreover, the R&D components support the company to be more competitive as it cuts off the production costs. Our technicians work toward best quality and great efficiency of our farms and manufactures.

Our R&D team consists of veterinaries, animal husbandries, scientists, nutritionists and other poultry farm specialists.

Our R&D has elements as follows;

Animal Feed Development

The animal feed development element works toward increasing reproduction rate of the breeders, up scaling egg qualities, booting growth efficiency of the chicken in the contract farms, and ensuring sanitation of the chicken and swine. Animal feed formula development is a key factor contributing to the quantity and quality of our products. Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited, therefore, operates its own feed development manufactures to fully control the feed quality. The Company actively experiment and develop feed formula to create excellent chicken and pork products.

Therefore, the Company operates its own feed mill for controlling the feed formula efficiently by always to develop to a fertility rate of broiler breeders higher and improve the quality of chickens and pigs as distribution.

Our R&D teams regularly examine our products in every process to ensure the standard qualities. The veterinary team repeatedly prepares chick samples for the laboratory technician team to inspect the animal health and quality. In addition, our researchers routinely scan for potential diseases in the farm animals to develop epidemic/ infection prevention protocols. We publish the knowledge in our guidebooks and distribute them to our employees and farmers to support the efficient disease diagnosis and vaccinations.

When Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited established in Vietnam in 2013, there was a team of one veterinarian and 6 experienced farmers conducted trainings on farm animal cares, vaccinations, and diseases diagnosis for the employee. At present, although, the was no separate R&D center in Vietnam, we establish laboratories in the manufactures to analyze the animal blood samples. Furthermore, we apply breeding techniques, farm animal care procedures and quality control systems from Thailand in our swine farm in Vietnam.

The R&D teams occasionally work together with the engineers, based on the information from the sites, to design and improve our farms, in order to accord with the company needs and to sustain the product quality.

The R&D teams continuously develop new products. Since 2013, the Company, in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, have been developing new vaccines and testing them in the chicken and swine experimental farms. The results from the researches are constantly applied in the chicken and swine farm projects.

The R&D teams consistently offer capacity development and training events to the employee. These courses include disease diagnosis, disease prevention, farm animal hygiene and other areas related to quality of farming and manufacturing sanitation.