Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited or (the “Company” or “Thaifoods”), we are a vertically integrated food producer specializing in the production of chicken and swine with operations in Thailand and Vietnam.

Our business focuses primarily on the production of chicken (whole chickens, chicken parts and processed chicken) and live pigs for sale to brokers, retailers, slaughterhouses, industrial and modern trade companies, export/re-export agents and the export market. We also operate several feed mills that produce feed for animals, which is primarily used in the raising of our chickens and pigs, but is also sold to third-party customers. These businesses can be categorized according to the following product lines:

  • Our poultry business, involving chicken breeding, chicken meat production and sales and sale of day-old chicks, live chickens, layer chickens and processed chicken;
  • Our swine business, involving pig breeding, sale of live pig and pork meat;
  • Our feed business, involving the manufacture and sale of feed for animals, mainly chickens and pigs;
  • Other business, involving primarily provision of research facility services and sales of medical supplies developed in our research and development facility. In 2015, our other business also included production and sales of animal feed sacks and plastic farming equipment.