• R&D center of disease diagnose and farming for the company related business and the outsiders.
  • Producing animal feed package and plastic farming equipments for chicken farm such as buckets, feeders, and egg trays to use within the Company.

The incomes from these elements are not the Company's main profit.

Thai food research center

Our animal sanitation development department has ISO/IEC17025 : 2017 certified laboratories to meet the R&D’s needs, innovative farming and quality meat production.

Microbiology LaboratoryMicrobiology laboratories are responsible for chicken meat examinations such as residues and TPC E.coli Salmonella spp. This is to ensure the quality and safety of our chicken products for both distributed domestically and internationally. Our microbiology laboratories are in Kanchanaburi and Prachinburi.

Disease Diagnosis Laboratory This laboratory focuses on animal health, disease diagnosis, microbiology, serology, molecular biology and virology. The laboratory examine farm animal samples and diagnosis the causes. These results are further used to create efficient treat and prevention protocols.

Livestock Innovative Centre

Animal Diseases Diagnosis Science Centre Animal diseases Science Centre provides effective disease diagnosis and laboratory which cover several areas such as viral isolation, PCR, ELISA, FA test, cell culture. This center provides services both within the company and other customers.
The center is operated with the newest technology and knowledgeable veterinarians/scientists to manage the laboratory to the maximum capacity and to meet the international standards. Our technicians inspect and calibrate the equipments on a regular basis.

Research and Development Centre This centre is responsible for researching animal and animal feed production technologies. The centre provides experimental design services, conducts the experiments, monitors and analyzes the results with referencing to advance technologies/sciences and the laboratory personals (scientists, researchers, and veterinarians). This center, therefore, is a knowledge hub and learning platform before adopting the findings to the actual production processes. Furthermore, the center strengthens the company's competitive ability.